Galaxy Startups and the Power of Growth Marketing in the MENA Ecosystem

There is an argument to be made that it has never been easier to be an entrepreneur, to launch a startup, to claim a piece of the pie which is the ever-changing and ever-expanding local ecosystem. So you have this ingenious idea, this revolutionary innovation – but what about commercialization? What about customer acquisition? What about retaining those customers and bringing them back again and again?

It may indeed be easier than ever to launch a startup, but it’s harder than ever to be successful, in what has become an increasingly crowded and competitive market. Entrepreneurs love to talk about technology, they love to discuss numbers, but a crucial part of any successful business is often overlooked: marketing.

Marketing: the missing piece of the MENA entrepreneurial puzzle

Under the leadership of founder Nono Ghannam, Cairo-based Startups Galaxy is working to fill a gap by helping startups thrive through growth marketing – a brave move in an ecosystem that doesn’t seem to value marketing too much, despite the growing know-how of increasingly demanding customers.

“Last year we were a big platform for everything – startups, spaces, finding marketers, finding investors, finding talent to recruit,” Nono tells StartupScene. “We did the whole 360 ​​and we understood two things: first, growth is at the center of everything. If you don’t grow up there is really nothing you can do. Second, we found our Galaxy Startups community to be full of talented marketers – so we decided to focus on those two points. “

It is from this cross section that Nono et co. has propelled Startups Galaxy into an active and impactful supporter of startups looking to grow. How it works? Well, everything is very simple, Startups Galaxy pairs the startups with a marketer, who will come up with a detailed and achievable plan in less than 24 hours. Speed ​​and timeliness aside, this service fills a gaping hole in many startups or business plans: the lack of effective marketers. The challenges don’t end there, however; even with a marketer, managing them full time and identifying and evolving the right strategy is another, while implementing that strategy is another mountain to climb.

What exactly is “growth marketing”?

Like much of the language through which we understand the ecosystem, it’s not as complicated as it might sound. At a basic level, it takes the traditional marketing model back, but elevates it by adding layers of experimentation – think of everything from A / B testing and creating value-added content to advertising copy. creative and SEO optimization. Ultimately, it’s a data-driven approach that uses these “experiments” to determine the best methods of optimizing results with the lowest possible expenditure of resources. It’s a fast paced game in a fast paced world that has produced some pretty incredible results comprised of quick wins.

“We have successfully helped dozens of startups grow across four continents,” says Nono with pride and unwavering determination. “From SaaS to fintech, e-commerce and mobile apps, we’ve also helped thousands of startups gain free exposure through our platform and network.”
One of the key factors has been the use of technology by Galaxy Startups to automate the process. “Growth is a combination of people, ideas and tools,” says Nono. “We give it all three. From zero to a full plan, everything is automated in less than 24 hours.” She goes on to explain that this is made possible by the platform’s “ Growth Bank ”, hundreds of experiences and growth tasks, thanks to which they are able to generate personalized milestones in seconds, by depending on the industry, stage, funding size and user types of each startup.

This explains the tools and ideas – but what about the “people” part of the equation? “Each startup is unique,” ​​Nono tells us. “That’s why we match the experts who best match each person’s specific milestones – from organic growth to paid acquisition, conversion rate optimization and more,” she continues.

That means the startups in question don’t need to hire full-time growth marketers, with Nono stating that “our experts know what to do and don’t wait for instructions.” This is ultimately what makes Galaxy Startups rather unique. Think about the typical set-up in an agency – the “expert” or “senior” who concludes the deal with a client is rarely the one who works directly with him, traditionally overseeing a junior from afar. With Galaxy Startups, the person who manages the account is the expert, the senior is the person best equipped to take the customer to where they need to be.

Does it work? The proof is in the pudding

It’s a bold approach, but the proof is in the pudding and there are countless examples of how this unique approach has benefited many startups. One example is Gameball, a holding company of 500 startups, and the Shopify app that helps e-commerce businesses grow and retain customers through gamified loyalty programs. After just six months, Startups Galaxy was able to develop a sophisticated content marketing strategy and SEO optimization for startups through its website and blog – and the results have been remarkable. The strategy resulted in a 4-fold increase in the total number of organic clicks; 4.3X increase in total organic impressions; 3X increase in organic clicks for ‘Shopify’ searches; and a 5.6-fold increase in organic impressions for ‘Shopify’ searches.

Another success came in the form of Soovi, a re-commerce platform specializing in the sale of used electronics. Six months after his partnership with Startups Galaxy, he was able to build a new B2C acquisition strategy and optimize an activation strategy which led to a doubling of the number of users; 2.3 times more sessions on the website; and, most importantly, a 4X increase in income.

It was this impact that led the Arabia-based Falak Investment Hub to invest $ 100,000 in Galaxy Startups to fuel its expansion into the massive market that is KSA. It is these types of results that have made the platform an influential player in the ecosystem, an exciting prospect for any startup looking for more than just sustainable results – but startups looking for speed and impact in a faster growing ecosystem that doesn’t slow down for just anyone.

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