Justuno Launches Audience Synchronization to Improve Paid Media Targeting and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

On-site conversion platform integrates Google and Facebook Ad Audience Sync functionality for improved targeting and prospecting

Austin, TX, May 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Justuno, a leading on-site conversion optimization platform, announced the launch of Audience Sync, a new feature that allows brands to get even more value from their onsite lead capture lists by automatically connecting them to the Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms. This new feature, exclusive to Justuno Plus, allows customers to feed their customer correspondence audiences (applicable to Google search, display, purchases and Youtube) and personalized audiences (applicable to Facebook and Instagram) by using their on-site promotions while maintaining the privacy of user data.

Audience synchronization helps brands manage their ads more efficiently, streamline messaging throughout the customer journey, provide data to back up buyer personalities, create high-value exit audiences for like-minded audiences, and provide attribution more precise cross-channel for better budget allocation. Brands looking to maintain Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) while ad platforms focus on first party data, will be able to automatically leverage the data collected through onsite promotion lead capture. .

Audience Sync helps advertisers understand their customer journey through cross-platform attribution, ensuring brands know which channels play a supporting role and ROI.

Justuno is the premier on-site conversion optimization platform with personalized messaging, AI-powered product recommendations, and advanced visitor intelligence technology to help businesses turn visitors into customers. Audience Sync is the next level of conversion optimization from Justuno, enabling enhanced conversions both offsite and onsite.

Justuno CTO and Co-Founder Travis Logan said this when releasing this new feature:

“Justuno has focused on optimizing the conversion rate from the start; with growth in email subscribers, SEO lead capture, SMS collection and now improved ROAS for paid media efforts. Audience Sync forwards the hashed email lists directly to the advertiser’s Audience Manager, eliminating the privacy liability resulting from the manual export and import of email lists between various marketing channels. We are proud to add Audience Sync to our platform as part of our commitment to expand the omnichannel marketing presence of our customers and help them adapt to a world where first party data is increasingly critical. “


CONTACT: Jane Serra Justuno (415) 878-6070 jane@justuno.com

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